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Film Boy Meets Girl Subtitle Indonesia telah dapat kamu tonton secara streaming di Nonton Film Streaming online. Film yang pada 2009-05-01 mampu menarik minat penonton diseluruh dunia.

Berikut ini sedikit cerita dari Film Boy Meets Girl - Dreamer Danny Reed's life is turned upside down when he is struck by lightning and wakes to find himself trapped in a woman's body. Instead of being a scruffy DIY store worker with no prospects, he has now swapped lives with glamorous female fashion journalist Veronica Burton. Danny suddenly must learn how to walk in stilettos and put on a bra, deal with the amorous advances of Veronica's boyfriend Jay and pass himself off as a fashion expert while also finding out what has happened to his old self.

Seasons: 1

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Boy Meets Girl
Boy Meets Girl